Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Your Vehicle’s Engine Light

The check engine indicator shows up on your vehicle’s dashboard light to give the driver a heads up on the engine’s status. When it comes on and won’t turn off, it’s a warning signal that could be something far more serious. Here are the reasons why you should never ignore your vehicle’s check engine light.

The Check Engine Light

The check engine light features a portal that will provide information on a variety of automobile components, including your fuel system, emissions, and engine. Just about any local mechanic will have such a reader, and some auto parts stores will plug one in and read you the resulting code.

Sometimes the sensor checking the code can misread a loose gas cap as a leak in the vapor recovery system. To fix this error, pull over and unscrew the gas cap and screw it back on tightly before you drive your vehicle. The light should disappear after driving 10 or 20 miles and if it’s still there, it requires more investigation and help from trained service technicians.

Understanding the check engine light is essential and could require additional help from skilled technicians. Always stay alert of the check engine light and keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance cycle.

Serious Problems

If you see the light blinking on the dashboard or you notice a change in your vehicle’s performance while the indicator is on, it means a more serious problem that should be diagnosed and fixed immediately. In these instances, you shouldn’t wait to take the car to be fixed. Be sure to contact our service department for more information about the check engine light and to get more helpful tips on monitoring your engine’s performance.

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